About the Author

Shafiq Jasar

Is known to his friends and clients as only Jasar, has over 25 years of direct experience and knowledge of starting small businesses. During this time, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all walks of life and age groups to establish their own dream businesses. Some of these people are multi-millionaires and others are individuals just like most of us, with little or no money to invest. Yet all of them have succeeded in working for themselves.

Shafiq Jasar has helped a very diverse group of people through the years: from oil spill specialists to environmental groups, from IT specialists to people in the food industry and supermarkets, from international traders to real estate and finance, from hospital suppliers to marketing experts and movie makers.

Shafiq Jasar is a passionate advocate of human liberation from the chains of impossibilities. He believes that the universe is full of opportunities for all, provided we free ourselves from cultural and social boxes of what is possible and what is not.

Shafiq Jasar has a degree in law through his formal education. However, his passion and dedication is for independent and self-created work. Here is where he has been spending his time for the last quarter of a century, helping people to become job-free.

Shafiq Jasar is a firm believer in universal human rights for all people, social justice and equitable societies, universal peace for all and care for our shared environment. He is a strong advocate for non-violence and opposes wars.

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